RHnet Acceptable Use Policy

1. Scope.

The Icelandic University Research network exists to facilitate rhe communications between parties connected to the net and with other networks using accepted Internet standards and practices. Use of the network and its links to other networks must at all times be consistent with its purposes and accordance with this acceptable use policy.

The RHnet acceptable use policy applies to all its users and cannot be invalidated by any connected party. Each connected party may notwithstanding apply stricter rules to users within its organisation.

2. Promulgation.

Each connected party is responsible for taking appropriate action to communicate this policy within its organization and to rectify the behaviour of its users who disregard this policy.

3. Identification.

Organization connected to RHnet must, if prompted, be able to ascertain who was responsible for any specific use of the network, in such a way that incidents can be traced to the individual that initiated that use. This can be accomplished through a mechanism such as unique userids or passwords, through the ownership of the node in question, or through other means.

4. Use of RHnet

These guidelines are not intended to be exhaustive. The final authority for determining whether or not a use is acceptable is the RHnet Governing Board. Members are responsible for raising any questionable use with the Board.

Uses that fall under one of the following descriptions are, in general, not acceptable:

It is explicitly forbidden for any party connected to RHnet to retail access to RHnet to third parties.

The Board of RHnet decrees whether any specific use of the network is permissible taking due account of what is considered to be proper conduct on the Net.

5. The ethical code of RHnet.

Research and Educational Networks are generally to be kept as open as possible.

Users are required to respect common behavior standards and ethical codes. RHnet will therefore not tolerate any attempts or actions constituting:

6. Sanctions.

All those connected to RHnet are obliged to follow the above-mentioned provisions regarding the use of computer networks that can be accessed through RHnet.

Violations of prohibiting clauses and other provisions can lead to sanctions for parties connected to RHnet, and those individuals utilizing the connection.

RHnet managers are authorized to cancel access to the network from a connected party, if violations on behalf of its users are substantiated.

7. Entry into force.

The inaugural meeting of RHnet on 24 January 2001 approved these rules.

The Board of RHnet implements the rules and may change them as needed. Changes to these rules become effective 72 hours after a notice describing the subject has been sent to all parties connected to RHnet.